The art of tantric love making

Just like learning how to paint or how to play chess, there is an art to making love.

There are many books that try to teach people how to make love. Of course there is no better way to learn how to do something than by doing it yourself and constantly practising.

However, there is one philosophy which at it’s essence tells us the key to long lasting fantastic love making sessions, and this called tantra.

If you have visited our Asian massage page you will see we briefly talk about tantric massage and what it entails.

At the heart of this style of massage is about mediation, control and patience. This are the same principles in tantric love making as well.

The one thing that tantric loving making has which makes it very special is that is makes your focus on your partner instead of yourself.

This is done by focusing on making sure your partner is having a good time instead of concentrating on your own needs and stimulation.

The next time you are getting intimate with you lover then we suggest you try these tantric techniques. Not only will it impress her, she will probably give back twice the pleasure she received to you. 

Many of these tantra guides give you and your partner some great ideas and inspiration about how to keep sex creative, exciting, fresh and interesting.

You will find many superb practical tips, which of course come with the graphics, that will show you what to do.

So jump online or go down to your local independent book shop and check out the books on tantric love making. It will definitely be worth the trip.