Fancy sharing an erotic bath with a sexy Asian escort in London?

If you have ever shared a bath with a beautiful woman you will know how romantic and thrilling it can.

Sharing the bath with your London escort is the perfect way to start your intimate encounter. Your escort will help you undress and then guide into the bath which would have already been prepared.

This is not normal bath with just hot water and a rubber duck, this a romantic bath. It will be filled with lotions that will rejuvenate your skin, and when breathed in will relax your mind.

The water will be just the right temperature, not too cold but also not too hot. There will be lit candles positioned around the bath, and the lights will be dimmed to enhance this romantic mood.

As some gentle music plays in the background, the naked escort will hop into the bath with you, this of course if a great site in itself.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy.

The sexy Asian minx will first site behind you so she can give your neck, back and shoulder a nice massage.

If you didn’t think it could get any more relaxing it does now and she leans in and softly talks into your ear. Eventually she will move around into a facing position and help to clean and wash you whole body.

This will of course include you most sensitive zones of the body. This will feel fantastic and you will be lost in a world of pure joy.

Unfortunately you can not stay in the bathtub together, but that is ok as what is to come next will be even more special.